• Kabul Debate Live

مستند حامد کرزی، رییس جمهور پیشین افغانستان، این مستند، در روزهای پایانی کار او تهیه شده است.

Kabul Debate Live - Afghans Expectation from Gov. انتظارها از دولت افغانستان
Kabul Debate Live - Corruption 15.10.2014 مناظره کابل- چگونگی مبارزه با فساد
Deleted video
Kabul Debate Live 17.09.2014 مناظره کابل - بزرگترین چالش افغانستان برای جلب توجه سرمایه گذاران
KDL - Ep.10 - 27.08.2014 مناظره کابل - مهمترین اولویت کاری رییس جمهور آینده
KDL - Ep.09 - 06.08.2014 مناظره کابل - انگیزه رسیدن به قدرت سیاسی در افغانستان
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  • Kabul Debate Live

    Afghanistan’s first live debate show airs monthly to discuss the most important current issue pertaining to the country’s future and development progress.  Guests include foreign ambassadors and representatives, and Afghan ministers and deputies.

    The live audience is mostly composed of experts, journalists, teachers, and students.  They ask guests questions, suggest ideas, and guide the direction of the show.
    During the program, a live voting system collects a running tally of agreements or disagreements with the main question or issue of the debate.  Viewers text their responses to a designated number, and at the end of the show, the tallies are displayed.






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