This is the story of Gulseren, a modest woman and devoted mother, condemned to struggle alone, who after a shocking tragedy found herself in a doomed and unacceptable romance, and Cihan, an honest man and a kind-hearted father who had given up all hope for finding true love. His life will be turned upside down by a twist of fate. Gulseren and Cihan raised each other’s children without knowing, and they must pick up the pieces of their hearts after finding out the truth.

    A young woman in destitute, Gulseren is in the last days of her pregnancy. After she had done her shopping, an inexperienced female driver hits Gulseren with her car and on the way to the hospital, her water breaks and she goes into labor. The woman that hit Gulseren and her husband, in knowledge of their guilt, take Gulseren to the nearest private hospital for delivery, so she would not press charges against them. Dilara Gurpinar, a member of a wealthy family arrives at the hospital for delivery at the same time. Both women go into delivery room with the only child delivery staff in the hospital. They had similar surnames and one mistake of an absent-minded nurse changed the destinies of the two babies.
    Years go by, without ever noticing this mistake.
    Cansu and Hazal turns 15 without knowing the truth.
    One day, DNA samples from Cihan and his wife Dilara are needed after their daughter was in a tragic car accident and a bitter truth is revealed. In a parallel life, Gulseren was abandoned by her ungrateful husband and left alone while raising their daughter Hazal.

    Gulseren and Cihan eventually meet. Gulseren gets alarmed when her daughter Hazal did not come to home that night. Hazal was not returning her calls. Gulseren learns from Hazal’s friend Seyda that Hazal was at a café, owned by Cihan, and she goes to that café straight away. Gulseren’s clothes are soaking wet from the downpour and she feels miserable, being unable to reach her daughter. Seeing the waiter who tries to prevent Gulseren entering the café with her soaked clothes, Cihan approaches Gulseren to ask how he can help her. Gulseren tells Cihan what happened. Cihan tells her that he had a friend at the police department who can help them. As Cihan is about to call his friend, Hazal calls Gulseren, and Cihan drives Gulseren to Hazal’s location.

    Cansu has an accident, and because of a kidney failure, the family had to be tested as well. The test results reveal that Cansu is not the daughter of Cihan and Dilara.

    Cansu secretly goes to the hospital she was born and searches the birth files in the archive. She steals the file and finds an address.
    After she learns the truth, Cansu finds Gulseren but at the same time she gets mugged. Gulseren brings Cansu to a community health center in order her to receive treatment.

    When Cihan comes to pick Cansu up from the health center, Cihan and Gulseren meets officially, and they are taken with each other.
    Gulseren tells her daughter Hazal the truth herself. Dilara meets Hazal and drowns her in expensive goods in no time. In the third episode, Cihan tells Dilara that he wants a divorce, but Dilara absolutely refuses.
    As the truth about the mix up of the children is revealed, basic problems arise between the two families because of their totally different lifestyles and economic statuses.      

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