‘Sadaf’ is the name of main character of this TV serial who is working in the crop fields of a Yesilova village in Turkey which is called “green Sea”. 

    ‘Green Sea’ is the name given by villagers to the crop fields, as there is no actual sea in Yesilova. The nearest seaside is a 2-3 hour drive away. You can say this is nothing, but for a common Yesilova resident, this is almost as far as America.

     A little of this has to do with the poverty itself, and the rest is because they have to spend their summers working in the fields. Summers have no holidays, almost every day you have to work… This is why there is only one sea for them, and that is the “green sea”.

    Green sea is not just the name of the fields, its life itself. It is what ties them, which keeps them away from their dreams and expectations. On one hand, they want to get rid of it but on the other, they cannot let go of it. It is like love for them. It is both the scar and the ointment.

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