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     In one side, there is Murat who is a meticulous, perfectionist, cool and handsome young man that has taken on the responsibility of a great company in his young age.

    On the other side, there is a beautiful girl named Hayat who is vigorous and nimble like the waves of black sea, but capable of dragging life to peaks of joy and happiness.

     In one side, there is world dominated by money and ambitions

    On the other side, there is a world where friendship, sacrifices and condescension are all gathering together.

    Here is the unbreakable bridge that connects these two different worlds: Love...

    But this bridge will sometimes be built with happiness, sometimes will be ruined with pains…

    Hearts will sometimes be joined by love; eyes will sometimes be blinded by pride.


    Although graduated from university, Hayat is one of the unemployed youth who have never found a chance to have a good job. While pursuing a job with two friends, a great danger awaits her. If she does not securely employed within one more day, she has to return to her home town-Giresun and marry one of the boys selected by her mother. Moreover, this time the mother has come and is waiting at home.


    Hayat tries to get out of home and reach for her very first job interview. Whatever happens here is the result of panic. The handsome young man is the one she encounters on her way to interview. She gets nervous on him and even blames him for pride and snobbism after she has been teased by him and not letting her to take the  taxi.

    While being busy with this event, the next interview for job does not even come to her mind. The next interview is going to take place in Sarsilmaz Holding and the young man who encountered by her that day comes out against her. This young man is Murat. Hayat is totally surprised and doesn’t know what to do. Then something bigger happens. Hayat is mistaken with someone else who came from America. Without knowing what really is going on, Hayat starts to work despite this mistake.

    In order to avoid returning home, Hayat does not tell the truth. Her only intention is to work for a few days and then confess everything to her mother so she may leave the Istanbul and return home without taking Hayat along with her. But everything goes complicated in the first day.

    The model girl friend of Murat crazily become jealous with Hayat .the half-brother of Murat, Doruk, accuses Hayat for selling the secrets of the company ... Step mother of Murat-Derya does every intrigue and effort to take her son to the headship of the company, she brings Hayat into her plans as well...Aslı, the friend of Hayat begins to fall in love with Murat's best friend.

    In short, Hayat follows things without telling the truth. Later on,she falls in love with Murat and everything goes out of the control and takes her to the point where she never imagined about.




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