• Waiting For The Sun


  • Waiting For The Sun

    Demet is a self-sacrificing woman who has raised her daughter Zeynep as a single parent. She has hidden the truth about her father from Zeynep for many years. The simple life the pair leads in a small town is destroyed when the shop Demet owns goes bust.

    Being left in financial difficulty; she receives a helping hand from her best friend Jale who is the headmistress of one of the most prestigious private schools in Istanbul.

    She offers Demet and Zeynep to move in to her house in Istanbul. Another reason why Jale wants to help her friend is to fix a mistake she made many years ago… Demet gets ready for a new beginning in Istanbul which makes her very nervous.

    Jale finds her a job at her sister’s shop. But this job will bring Demet a great surprise she never expects. Zeynep finds it hard to adapt to Istanbul, a place she never wanted to move in the first place.

    On her first day at school she comes head to head with Kerem, who runs the school like his own kingdom. Zeynep saves another boy who was being tortured by Kerem and his gang. But she will pay dearly for her heroism. Kerem’s authority in the school has received a blow, so he wants her to apologise. Zeynep refuses and challenges him and receives support from Barış, a boy Kerem loves like a brother.

    On the other hand, Zeynep’s natural talent as an athlete is noticed by the gym teacher, Cihan. Cihan begins to pay more attention to this talented young woman. But Cihan’s daughter Melis, who is also a student at the same school does not like this at all. This eggs Melis on even further and she offers to help Kerem, on whom she has a crush, to teach Zeynep a lesson.

    Kerem is fixated on revenge and has already begun the countdown for a plan that will make Zeynep a laughing stock for the whole school…

    Will Zeynep find happiness and her missing father in Istanbul?

    Will Kerem’s fixation on revenge turn into love?

    Will Melis still hate Zeynep after knowing who she really is?

    Will Demet reveal the big secret to Zeynep and Cihan?

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