• Yasemin


  • Yasemin

    Yasemin (asli Bekiroglu) is the second daughter of wealthy family. She is spoiled but manages to become happy to all occasions. When her family has gone bankrupts she gets dumped by her groom cem( Ugur Kural) on their wedding day. While she is dreaming to go to their honeymoon, Yasemin find herself stranded in the middle of the highway. She stops a taxi and goes to their longtime chauer hasan ( Erdal Ozyagcilar) whom she considers as a grandfather.
    Meanwhile, sarp (yilmax kunt) returns to turkey after studying in the United States. He has been in love gul( seray kaya)mwho also studied in the u.s. even though he has a degree in engineering,he wants to work at the university as an instructor instead of working at bi companies. He just wants to have a quiet life with the girl whom she loves.
    Out of pure coincidence, yasemin and sarp meet at the bus and nd themselves with a simple
    misunderstanding. Later, yasemin nds out that sarp is the grandson of her longtime chauer. Sarp,on the other hand, learns that his love Gul is the older sister of yasemin.
    Yasemin and her family start to live at the house of their longtime chauer when their house is sold due to nancial reasons. There is nowhere else to go. Even though it is too hard for them,when yasemin develops some feelings for sarp who still loves Gul.

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