Farar Az Qafas
  • Farar Az Qafas

Farar Az Qafas

  • Farar Az Qafas

    Farar Az Qafas is a modern take on the classic game show.  It’s boisterous, noisy, fun and

    full of comedy.

    is designed as a primetime quiz show.  The running time is 60 minutes (with commercials).

    The show will record within 5 segments that every segments have questions while passing successfully the challenges will also include.

    Every challenge have specific time as follows:

    9 – 90 seconds

    8 – 80 seconds

    7 – 70 seconds

    6 – 60 seconds

    5 – 50 seconds

    4 – 40 seconds

    3 – 30 seconds

    2 – 20 seconds

    1 – 10 seconds 



    The Challenges represent much bigger and expensive prizes on offer within the Cage (e.g.

    car, luxury equipment's)

    the Cage Player needs to have an attempt at starting a Challenge in order to be able to either go on to grab other smaller prizes, or successfully complete the Challenge to claim the big prize it is associated With.


    1)Safes: Open three safes in order to get the prize which is in the third and final safe.

    2)   Hamster Wheel: Run on a hamster wheel in order to lift a see-through tube where

           the keys are kept.

    3)      Bellows: jump on a chair in order to activate a bellows that fills a balloon inside a

              glass box.

    5)      Spiral: A gift box is attached to the bottom of a big spiral. To release the box the

             Cage Player needs to hold it and run around the spiral until the box reaches the top

             of the spiral and can be released.  The Player must run out of the Cage with it to win

             the prize. 


    The cage will be full of prizes form a Mobile to luxury cars.

    For every correct answer the cage player will allow to play a challenge and after successfully passing he/she can out every item that  want and own it.


    Prize will categorized as follow:


    ØElectronic Equipment's
    ØHousekeeping Equipment‘s
    ØDecorative Equipment's
    ØLuxury Equipment's  ,,,ETC


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