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    For the latest developments in technology and the virtual world, look no further than Gadget, a weekly segment that reveals the newest inventions on the market. Gadget looks at the products and programs available to consumers, with explanations and tips on how to use them for optimum performance.

    Gadget is a technology-oriented program covering the latest events, renovations, and technological news, and addressing new inventions in technology and the virtual world.  Initially launched three years ago, the program has attracted new viewers, and is considered unique for its presentations.  The program operators establish direct contact with the viewers through social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Other communication networks respond to questions and suggestions, fostering a relationship with viewers (especially the younger demographic).

    The presentation of various communications and technological products can serve as a promotional source for the companies that manufacture them.  The Roshan Communications Company uses this program as a platform for promoting its new products.
    The program is broadcasted once a week for thirty minutes.  The program operators put together a two to three minute visual package of Roshan’s products for presentation.   The program presenter will give descriptions and details of the product, places of sale, and accessibility for the viewers.
    Each week a new Gadget promotion is made and broadcasted forty-nine times. The production is thirty seconds long and broadcast in three separate slots.  Roshan Communication Company’s products are visible to viewers forty-nine times, making this program a marketing boon for the company.

    Friday at 5:15 pm and Saturday at 3:45 pm

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