• Sargam


  • Sargam

    This viewer-driven music show is broadcast live, allowing the audience to telephone in to request what music videos they want to see. Viewers are also given the chance to call and chat live with the show’s celebrity guests.

    Live phone conversation: Sargam allows viewers to call in live during the show and chat with the presenter and guest singer.After a brief chat with the presenter and celebrity guest, the caller will have to listen to a song and guest the artist. If the caller gives a correct answer, he or she will be allowed to choose a song from a pre-prepared list of 6 songs.  If the caller is correct, the music video for the song will be played.
    The audience for the show is primarily girls and boys between 13-36 years old.
    PS. We can also add an SMS program based ona selected sponsor.
    At the end of the show, a picture of an old singer will appear on the screen. Viewers will have to guess who s/he is by sending a SMS to a number displayed on the screen. The winner will receive a DVD of songs by 1TV LOGO as a prize.
    We would like to give viewers a chance to call and ask the guest singer questions and request that he/she sing one of their songs.

    Saturday through Thursday at 2 pm

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1TV reaches a large percentage of highly educated and affluent viewers, targeting a younger audience and a greater share of the middle class.  Its aggressive national outreach and catchy programming make it one of the leading privately owned commercial television stations in Afghanistan.

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