لبخند وحشی
  • لبخند وحشی

لبخند وحشی

  • لبخند وحشی

    Camila Espino is a young woman who hides beneath the mask of a terrible character that is known as "Piel Salvaje".
    Being a street child, Camila grew up indomitable. Afraid of no one she becomes easily entangled into fights. Her untamed behavior challenged the nuns at the orphanage, where she was raised. Camila however far from being bitter is a sensitive woman who hides under an indomitable personality. Her witty sense of humor turns any fight into a rollercoaster of laughs. Her story begins when she meets Maximiliano Esquivel in the middle of a street fight as she strikes his nose with a single punch. Her wild behavior attracts Max who is seduced by this beautiful beast. He will remove the anger that covers her heart, and conquer her love forever.

    Camila is skeptical. Max is persistent. Abandoned in the street at a young age, Camila grew up with the question of what happened to her mother. She is determined to unveil the mystery surrounding her disappearance and struggles to not fall in love; she is afraid that love will distract her target to find her mother. The López Méndez and the Aragon de la Rosa, two multibillion-dollar families who own the most prominent emporiums in the business of beauty products, are in a relentless war between their companies. Without compassion, the members of these two families have hated each other for at least 25 years. It all started by a woman who mysteriously disappeared leaving behind many questions without answers; an unfold secret yet to be discover…
    Camila does not suspect that destiny has her life story written. Searching for her mother will create panic among members of both families who have struggle to maintain the secret from revealing. “Piel Salvaje” a love story of war and hate where a secret gives a magical turn to the lives of those who vowed to remain in silence. “Piel Salvaje”...Love in a single touch.

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تلویزیون 1، یکی از سریعترین شبکه‌های تلویزیونی در حال رشد در افغانستان است. شبکه‌ی که برای داغ‌ترین گزارش‌های خبری، و برنامه‌های عالی و مؤثر، رویداد‌های جاری، شناخته شده است. تلویزیون1 بر گزارش‌دهی سریع، بی‌طرف و واقعی خود می‌بالد. به عنوان یک تلویزیون خصوصی غیر وابسته در اواخر سال 1388 (2009) به نشرات خود آغاز نمود

تلویزیون 1، بیشتر بیننده‌های که تحصیلات عالی و زنده‌گی مرفه دارند، به خود جلب نموده، و بیننده‌های جوان را بیشتر مورد هدف قرار داده و بیشترین بخش طبقه متوسط جامعه به این شبکه علاقمند است. توسعه‌ی فزایینده ملی و برنامه‌های دلپذیر و جالبش، آن را به یکی از پیشتازترین شبکه‌های تلویزیونی خصوصی- بازرگانی در افغانستان مبدل ساخته است.

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